Didier Delahaye presents the works of Georges Brassens

When I think of Georges

Didier Delahaye: vocals & guitar

All songs by Georges Brassens, English versions by Didier Delahaye. Recorded at home in Whitehorse, Yukon. 2004

This collection of songs is not a “best of” or a round-up of personal favourites but a mere sampling of the little gems of verve, cheek, humanity, love, and irreverence, that one can expect to find in the Brassens repertoire. While there is no replicating the poetic richness of the language that is the essence of the originals, these English versions might help knock a few bricks off the language barrier that has kept Brassens a virtual unknown in the English-speaking world.

Here they are, unadorned and in their simplest form, to stand the test of time, of language, and to cast a few ripples in the imagination.