My name is Didier Delahaye.

I sing anew the songs of Georges Brassens, a cultural icon in France, my country of birth. Brassens is virtually unknown in the English-speaking Canada that is my country of choice. In 2002, I set out  to translate Brassens’ repertoire as much to fill that void as to have it with me in my new world.

In addition to translating Brassens, I interpret his songs, both in English and French. You will find on this site my translations to date, alongside the original text, as well as get a taste of what this all sounds like.

Tip of the hat to Leonard Cohen

I am a latecomer to the stage. When I went “public”, I was singing the songs of Leonard Cohen, Canada’s Brassens. At that time and place (Whitehorse, Yukon), I was responding to a need for French language performers. I turned to Cohen, whom everyone knew, and I translated some of his songs into French. It was that process that got me thinking that I could and should reverse the language flow and bring Brassens into the English-speaking world. The result is on this site. As for a Leonard Cohen, Here it is.


photos: Christian Kuntz
I greatly appreciate the energy and talent that you apply to spreading my humble ditties among our cousins across the Pond. But listening to your very personal interpretations, your impressive voice, your energetic accompaniments and the spirited musical bridges with which your guitar extends my verses, I, like many others, cannot help but think that, even just in the original French, your performance would already be remarkable and rank you among my interpreters of note. Georges Brassens, post-mortem on Dialogus